Printable Lined Papers That Are Fun and Functional

Ahhh – I know that letter writing is a little bit of a lost art these days. But I have found that writing letters or even leaving notes is SO greatly appreciated! So that’s part of the inspiration for this new set of printable lined papers. They obviously can also be used as journal entry pages, bullet journal add-ons, or as part of an art journal spread. Use these printable papers as part of a collage, too! There are 18 different styles to choose from – retro sketchy style, doodled to all heck, a more straightforward lined set, formal and doodled florals, watercolor decorated, and a colored pencil set perfect for an education or kid-themed need.

You might also be interested in our printable calligraphy practice worksheets, or check out our sister site for a set of cool botanical distressed junk journal papers for more collaging fun!

Free Printable Lined Papers

Remember that laser printers sometimes use fuser oil and that can interfere with being able to write on your printed pages. Ways around that are to use an ink jet printer, turn off the fuser oil setting (if your print driver allows that), or print on the economy setting.

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